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Jesus said in Luke 6:29-- 29 “To him who strikes you on the one cheek, offer the other also. And from him who takes away your cloak, do not withhold your tunic either.”

In our extremely prosperous society many of us may have trouble identifying with Jesus’ words. For the vast majority of us have clothing and plenty of it. We have clothes to spare. Most of our closets have clothing that we may not even wear or some we may not need. It is for this reason we may not appreciate what Jesus was teaching.

However, we do have what I call a modern-day equivalent. Now, let me be clear, the following example is a problem that I have had, and I am quite certain I am not alone, for it is one that many if not most of us who drive vehicles have to deal with on a regular basis. You do not need to drive a lot to appreciate this dilemma.

Imagine driving down the interstate, and there is a couple of car-lengths between you and the car ahead of you, which surely should be a minimum amount of spacing to help you avoid rear-ending in the event of a hard stop. As you are driving along at a reasonable speed another vehicle passes by you at a substantially faster speed. And it seems his desire is to get ahead of you quickly and pull in front of you and even cause you to slam on your brakes to avoid hitting him. Now, I do not know about you, but I, as the driver, am not amused when someone is trying to do this to me. I am tempted to get angry and speed up to not allow him to sneak in. After all, it is my space, and he has no right to it. It could easily be argued that if a patrol car is within sight, the driver trying to sneak in ahead of others would not do so, for he knows he could easily get ticketed.

To be sure, there is something about driving that often brings out the worse in many of us. After all, it is OUR space, and the other driver has no right to take it from us. He is indeed trying to take something that rightly belongs to me for his own selfish uses. And I have a right to fight him for that space! (Or at least that is how many might argue.)

If we consider the words of Jesus, should we as a christian fight for what is ours? After all, that space belongs to me! And someone wants to take it from me? Just like the tunic Jesus was talking about? Hmm…. This is an interesting dilemma indeed.

Perhaps this is a modern-day example that many of us can identify with. I know from personal experience it can be very difficult to simply let the drivers take our space, especially without getting angry. And perhaps this is definitely easier to discuss and consider than it is to actually give up our road space.

May God grant to all of us who drive the Spirit of Christ, whether we are behind the wheel of our automobiles or in the rest of our daily lives. Jesus was indeed teaching lessons that apply to every generation of believers.

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