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Luke 10:37b -- Then Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”

You may recognize the above quote as the closing words in Jesus’ parable that is known as, “The Good Samaritan.” Jesus had told a story of how a simple man, a man perhaps ostracized by many and perhaps by the man he was serving, served a man in need. Jesus concluded by admonishing us to “Go and do likewise.”

You may recognize the title to this article as a phrase often used by those encouraging us to do “great” deeds of help, usually in some land far away to a people we may never meet. Often it is tied to organizations asking for money, as we are admonished to “Make a difference” by participating with these great works. As if we cannot make a difference without giving to these organizations.

Truly we are indeed urged by the Lord to “make a difference”, but His emphasis is in our own lives of submitting to the Lord. There are a number of ways we can “make a difference”, and all of these ways can be done by our submitting to the Lord and His will for our lives.

Husbands make a difference by honoring and caring for their wives. Wives make a difference by loving and submitting to their husbands. Parents make a difference by actually raising their children in the admonition of the Lord. Those who teach in the local congregations make a difference by working hard to prepare and present lessons from the Lord’s Word to the saints. Elders of the local congregation make a difference by shepherding and caring for those in their flock. Deacons make a difference by serving well those in the congregation they are charged with.

Individual christians make a difference by presenting the Light of the Lord throughout their lives to those outside as they endeavor to live in a godly manner among the world. They make a difference by looking to serve all those they come in contact with as they try to point them to Christ and Him crucified.

It is interesting that many who are not members of the body do not consider these acts of love and obedience I listed as important or big enough. But they are absolutely important and worthy of emulation, and they are indeed the best way at “Making a difference!”

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